The CX96focus system is an advanced automated holo-tomographic microscope, revolutionizing the field of live-cell imaging and microscopy. With its motorized stage, this cutting-edge microscope facilitates the parallel acquisition of multiple specimens, marking a new era in hologotomography. This state-of-the-art imaging platform is compatible with standard 35mm dishes and 96 multiwell plates, enabling versatile experimental setups. The CX96focus system integrates video hologotomography with LED fluorescence, providing comprehensive imaging capabilities for diverse applications in biotechnology and biology. The built-in incubator maintains essential sample parameters such as temperature, CO2, and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for long-term live-cell imaging. This feature is crucial for conducting extended experiments without compromising the vitality of the samples. Designed to cater to both academic research and the pharmaceutical industry, the Nanolive CX96focus offers unparalleled capabilities in label-free video analysis. Utilizing powerful digital assays and advanced artificial intelligence, this microscope delivers precise and insightful data, enhancing research outcomes in live-cell imaging and microscopy. The CX96focus system stands out in the biotechnology and biology fields due to its innovative approach to live-cell imaging. By enabling high-throughput analysis and maintaining ideal sample conditions, this automated holo-tomographic microscope significantly accelerates research processes and enhances experimental accuracy. Whether for academic research or pharmaceutical development, the CX96focus system provides a robust platform for advancing the frontiers of microscopy and hologotomography. In summary, the CX96focus is more than just a microscope; it is a comprehensive tool for pioneering research in live-cell imaging, hologotomography, and beyond. Its integration of advanced imaging techniques and artificial intelligence sets a new standard in the microscopy landscape, driving progress in both biotechnology and biology.

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LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay

The first push-button and automated solution for profiling cell health, death, apoptosis and necrosis of different cell lines and subpopulations in co-culture, label-free.

LIVE T Cell Assay

Nanolive’s multi-parametric non-invasive immuno-oncology assay able to measure and characterize simultaneously how live T cells find, bind, stress and kill their targets.

Smart Lipid Droplet Assay

The first smart digital assay to offer a push button solution for dynamic lipid droplets analysis in a completely label-free fashion.

Do you want to test your cells in your lab with this extraordinary tool? Contact us.

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The CX96focus system, an automated holo-tomographic microscope.

With its motorized stage, this microscope opens a new era of holotomography by allowing multiple specimens to be acquired in parallel. This imaging platform is compatible with 35mm dishes or 96 multiwell plates and allows video holotomography to be acquired and combined with LED fluorescence. The built-in incubator ensures maintenance of vital sample parameters (Temperature, CO2 and humidity) allowing long-term imaging.

Suitable for both Academy Research and the Pharmaceutical industry. Nanolive CX96focus enables label-free video analysis through powerful digital assays with artificial intelligence.


Do you want to test your cells in your lab with this extraordinary tool? Contact us.

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