Media System Lab

The reference in Italy for electron microscopy

Media System was born in 1998 from a Luca Mariani’s idea, the electron microscopy was suddenly a core business of the new company which is initially joined the computer business.

The coming into the company of Franco Mariani, until then Service Manager of Philips before and FEI Italy after, is crucial to move the fmily company investments towards the scientific instruments.

In January 2006 Matteo Mariani increases the number of members of Media System, the same year the agreement is signed for the sales agency in northern Italy with the FEI ItalY.

Between 2006 and 2009, the Media System portfolio expanded, providing everything necessary to fill an electron microscopy laboratory, from room preparation to an electron microscope until consumables.

Media System Lab srl was founded by Media System snc in 2013. We have now also a Demo space where training, workshops and demos are hosted with latest-generation equipment and tools with a large turnover.

The number of employees in recent years is rising and constantly growing, we are hiring check the page: career.

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