3D Cell Explorer-Fluo

The 3D Cell Explorer-Fluo or “CX-F” is a powerful microscope able to meet your scientific requirements, combining the advantages of the in vivo, non invasive, 3D cellular tomography with the multicanal epifluorescence without labels.

This live cell imaging instrument employs a completely label free technique.
The CX-F holotomographic microscope allows to combine non invasive 3D tomography with fluorescence, in order to expand the research field and understand complex intracellular structures and processes.

The CX-F laser scan allows for 3D reconstructions with a 200 nm resolution in less than 2 seconds.
In order to grant optimal results for each kind of measurement, the optics are self regulated during every analysis, giving the best alignment conditions.

The 3D Cell Explorer-Fluo has 3 fluorescence channels and it can be comined with an incubator in order to have in vivo recording lasting up to few days, e.g. cellular cultures.

The software “STEVE” is intuitive and completely free.

The instrument is very robust and weights only 8 kg, so it can be easily transported.

This system can be used for a variety of applications, such as

  • Correlate the variations in the cells at the proteic level with morphological and behavioural changes, e.g. FUCCI cells.
  • Control the internalization of drugs and their localization following the cell at every second.
  • Co-localize the fluorescence (3 channels) and the digital spots (7 channels with single aquisition)
  • Define the digital spot libraries, calibrated with fluorescence markers.

The most common applications for which the CX-F has been used, also for scientific publications, are:
Stem cells, cellular metabolism, cytotoxicity, macrophages and phagocytosis, oncology and immuno-oncology, label free organisms models, microorganisms, the cell cycle, nanoparticles and internalization, cytology and histology, 3D cell cultures

Every day new applications are discovered and highlighted thanks to scientific publications.

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