Premium acoustic blast chillers for laboratories

abbattitore acustico per laboratori, pompe da vuoto, centraline di raffreddamento, chiller

SBox: Containers for noise reduction

The blast chillers have been specifically developed to reduce the noise level generated by vacuum pumps and water chillers (water controllers or chillers) used with SEM, TEM, FIB-SEM, sample preparation and analytical systems. If there is no possibility of moving the vacuum pumps and/or the water cooler to a separate room, the noise level generated by the pumps and/or the water cooler can be irritating and destructive. The use of an acoustic case significantly reduces the noise level to acceptable levels and allows operators to concentrate on the task.

Acoustic housings are sophisticated and safe soundproofing boxes positioned above the noisy vacuum pump or water cooler. They facilitate power and vacuum pumping lines, provide cooling and allow the vacuum pump or water chiller to operate at full capacity. SBox 4, 6 and 7 were originally designed for SEM, TEM and FIB-SEM systems, but they are equally useful for other systems with noisy rotary vacuum pumps. Box 3 has been specifically designed for smaller pumps used with SEM sputter paints, EM carbon paints and vacuum furnaces. SBox 5 is designed for analytical systems with larger noisy rotary vacuum pumps.

The features of the SBox premium noise reduction boxes are:

  • Noise reduction approx. from 15 dB to 12 dB depending on the type
  • Sturdy all-metal structure with high-performance acoustic foam
  • Acoustic foam with pattern optimized to reduce low frequency noise
  • IEC mains connectors with fuse for easy installation
  • Available as 230 V or 115 V systems
  • The fans are only switched on when the rotary pump is running
  • Sophisticated air flow system with low capacity and low noise fans
  • Integrated digital thermometer
  • Top cover for easy service access
  • Oil and water resistant surface powder coated in light blue RAL5005
  • Flammability class according to DIN 75200/FMVSS 302
  • Internal installation kit KF25 included

Due to the size of the SilentLab box, the vacuum lines may need an extension between 1-2 m.

SBox 3 for small single rotary pump, 230V
Product # Unit
SBox 4 for single rotary pump, 230V
Product # Unit
SBox 5 for large single rotary pump, 230V
Product # Unit
SBox 6 for two rotary pumps, 230V
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SBox7 for water chiller 530x580x740mm, 230V
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