Anti-vibration tables and platforms

pedana antivibrante attiva, piattaforma antivibrante non attiva

The active and passive vibrations insulating platforms can be adapted to all the SEM and TEM models. Our platforms create the optimal environment, allowing the scanning and transmission electron microscopes operators to obtain high resolution images of biological and non-biological samples, reducing the vibrations in the critical 1-5Hz range, in which microscopes are extremely sensitive.

Our platforms are composed of four active vibrations insulating units, in which air springs and the active insulating technology are integrated. The integrated sensors and actuators effectively reduce the low frequency vibrations and start insulating from frequency as low as 0.5 Hz, with a vibrations insulation level of 90% at 2 Hz. The pneumatic springs can sustain loads from 500 kg to 6000 kg, while effectively reducing the high frequency vibrations and their natural frequency.

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