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The Atom Probe allowing routine, high-performance 3D nanoanalysis both for research and industry.

Built on 30 years of success in Atom Probe Tomography instrumentation and applications, CAMECA has developed EIKOS ™, the Atom Probe microscope for the agile development of alloys and the materials research at the nanoscale.

EIKOS atomic probe offers:     

  • 3D tomography with nanoscale characterization of nanostructures
  • Single atom detection with high efficiency and high spatial resolution
  • Equal sensitivity to all elements and their isotopes    
  • Quantitative composition measurement (from sub-nm up to near micron scale)     
  • Available in voltage or voltage & laser configurations
  • Standard specimen preparation methods

EIKOS is available in 2 configurations:


The base EIKOS system incorporates a reflectron design to provide excellent mass resolving power and signal to noise. A pre-aligned integrated counter electrode ensures ease of use and high reliability. The voltage pulsing system provides very high data quality on a wide variety of metallurgical applications.


The fully configured EIKOS-UV system combines all the outstanding features of the base EIKOS (voltage pulsed, reflectron based functionality, prealigned counter electrode) and adds a fully integrated 355 nm laser pulsing module with computer controlled focused spot design to provide access to a larger application range.

The base EIKOS system is field upgradable to the EIKOS-UV.

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