Double edge razor blades

The Feather double edge safety razor blades are ultra-thin and extremely sharp blades with excellent cutting properties. Feather blades are renowned for their high quality and outstanding sharpness. These Feather blades are the standard blades for vibratory slicers and tissue choppers. Other applications include sizing and cross-sectioning of soft materials, sample preparation for microscopy and cutting of fibers. Take suitable protective measures when using these sharp blades. The cutting blades are individually wrapped for protection. For clean results, we advise to carefully wipe the blades with paper or non-woven tissue, moistened with isopropanol, to remove any protective anti-corrosion oil film. The double edge razor blades are available as:

  • Feather FA-10 carbon steel razor blades with 0.1mm thickness and extremely sharp cutting edge.
  • Feather 81-S Platinum coated stainless steel razor blades with 0.1mm thickness and high corrosion resistance
Feather FA-10 carbon steel double edge razor blades, 0.1mm thickness
Product # Unit
52-004180 pkg/10
Feather 81-S platinum coated stainless steel double edge razor blades, 0.1mm thick
Product # Unit
52-004185 pkg/10

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