The scanning electron microscope EM-30 Plus is the evolution of the Coxem compact SEM, easy-to-use and miniaturized as a table-top SEM, but with performance comparable to those of the much more expensive traditional SEM. It can be defined as a compact SEM, combining the practicality of table-top SEMs with functions and options that, until today, could only be found in high end electron microscopes.

If you have a small space available and high expectations, this is the instrument you are looking for.

Aside from the great performances, if you choose this instrument you will also receive complete assistance from our technicians, who will follow all the installation and the training. This microscope is very easy to use, and you will be able to exploit all of its functionality starting from day one. In case you will need help, both from the purely practical or the operative point of view, our support will be available for the whole lifetime of the instrument.

This electronic microscope can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories, such as secondary electrons detector, backscattered electrons detector, STEM detector, WDS detector, EBSD detector, and the cool stage for the analysis of biological and liquid samples. Other peculiar functions of this instrument include the possibility to merge secondary and backscattered signals into one single image, and the panorama option to combine hundreds or thousands of images in a single picture, through an advanced stitching function, allowing a wide area scan with high resolution.

We will follow you step-by-step in the process, to help you evaluate each option and find the one that best suits your needs.

We can offer any kind of accessory, instrument, consumable you might need. We deal with electronic microscopy since 1998 and we have technicians with foury-years experience.

Magnificationsx20 ~ x150.000
Voltage1 ~ 30kV
SourceTungsten Filament (W) / CeB6
Resolution≤ 5nm
DetectorSE Detector BSE Detector (Solid type 4 Channel)
StageX : 35mm Y: 35mm T: 0 to 45° R: 360° Z: 0 to 60mm
Vacuum systemRotary Pump, Turbo Molecular Pump (Less than 3min for vacuum)
GUINanoStation, Navigation Cam
OSWindows 7
Hardware accessoriesJoystick, mouse, keyboard
Dimensions440(W) x 600(L) x 500 (H) mm


Low vacuum, Cool stage, STEM  Detector, Tensil stage, EDS, Ricostruttore 3D

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