The scanning electron microscope EM-30AX Plus is the advanced version of the ductile EM30PLus for morphological analyses. It is the evolution of the COXEM traditional SEM, easy to use and miniaturized as a table-top instrument, but able to provide performances comparable with those of a much more expensive traditional SEM.

The main difference between the EM-30AX Plus and the EM-30 Plus does not lie in the potentialities of these instruments, both high performing, but in the possibility to install a miniaturized microanalysis directly inside the instrument. This allows to grant you a complete high level configuration for both morphological and compositional analysis.

The EDS detector allows to perform chemical analysis on the sample both on a single spot or through the creation of maps, in order to identify all the chemical elements present in the sample, with high precision and detail.

The operating voltage spans between 1 and 30kV, allowing for the analysis in a wide range of materials science fields, such as nanotechnology, alloys and metals characterization, semiconductors, polymers, graphene.

The EM-30AX Plus can reach a 5nm resolution, making it a useful instrument also for the exploration of a variety of fields in the biotechnology and life science realm, such as bio-engineering, medicine, nano-medicine, anatomy, food industry.

There is a number of well-calibrated accessories for this microscope, leading to high-precision analysis even at high magnification, with top repeatability and quality of the results. This includes EDS detectors, secondary electrons detectors, backscattered electrons detectors, STEM detectors, WDS detectors, EBSD detectors, and the cool stage for the analysis of biological and liquid samples. Other peculiar functions of this instrument include the possibility to merge secondary and backscattered signals into one single image, and the panorama option to combine hundreds or thousands of images in a single picture, through an advanced stitching function, allowing a wide area scan with high resolution.

EM30-AX Plus is the most ductile electron microscope on the market, designed for any kind of laboratory and facility, which has been installed both in universities, research centers, small laboratories and private factories who, with a limited budget, obtained an high quality scanning electron microscope.

This microscope is installed in our Demo Space and you can come visit any time. The assistance offered by Media System Lab is the added value you will receive, with a constant and complete assistance in every step of your microscope’s lifetime.

Magnificationx20 ~ x150.000
Voltage1 ~ 30kV
Electron GunTungsten Filament (W) / CeB6
Resolution≤ 5nm
DetectorSE Detector BSE Detector (Solid type 4 Channel)
StageX: 35mm Y: 35mm T: 0 to 45° R: 360° Z: 0 to 60mm
Vacuum SystemRotary Pump, Turbo Molecular Pump (Less than 3min for vacuum)
GUINanoStation, Navigation Cam
Chip30mm² SDD EDS
Detection ElementBe(4) to Am(95)
OSWindows 7
OperationJoystick, mouse, keyboard
Dimension440(W) x 600(L) x 500 (H) mm


Low vacuum, cool stage, STEM detector, tensile stage, EDS, 3D reconstruction

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