EM-Tec cellulose acetate replication sheets

The EM-Tec cellulose acetate replication sheets are used to make replications of surfaces of samples which cannot be easily examined directly. The EM-Tec clear cellulose acetate sheets are provided in several thicknesses to cover a wide range of applications. With scissors, they can be easily cut to size to cover the surface to be replicated.
Cellulose acetate film softens in acetone and can be directly applied to a surface which has been wet with acetone. When dry, strip the cellulose acetate film from the surface with tweezers or tape. For rougher surfaces, use thicker sheets.
The replica presents a negative imprint of the surface and can be directly examined with LM or SEM after coating with gold. Positive replicas can be made by coating the replica with carbon in a high vacuum carbon coater. Afterwards the cellulose acetate is dissolved, and the positive carbon replica can be examined with a TEM.
The EM-Tec cellulose acetate replication sheets are available with a film thickness of 50, 75 and 125um and supplied in packs with 20 sheets.

EM-Tec CR2 cellose acetate replication sheets, 50μm thickness, 150x100mm
Product # Unit
15-006050-20 pkg/20
EM-Tec CR3 cellose acetate replication sheets, 75μm thickness, 150x100mm
Product # Unit
15-006075-20 pkg/20
EM-Tec CR5 cellose acetate replication sheets, 125μm thickness, 150x100mm
Product # Unit
15-006125-20 pkg/20

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