EM-Tec high precision titanium tweezers

The EM-Tec high precision titanium tweezers are Swiss made, precision engineered high quality tweezers with smooth edges and a superior matte finish to reduce glare. They are made from tough, strong and lightweight titanium Grade 1.  Titanium exhibits good corrosion resistance to salts, low concentrate acids, solvents, oils and greases. Titanium has a combination of unique properties:

  • fully non-magnetic – ideal for handling magnets or when a strong magnetic field is present
  • high strength to weight ratio – excellent choice for precision repetitive tasks
  • high melting point and can be used up to 870°C – high temperature use
  • bio-compatible – maintain cell integrity in biology, medical and histology
  • good wear resistance – clean room compatible material
  • cold formable and high ductility – ideal for handling brittle materials like silicon or glass.

The application fields for the EM-Tec high precision titanium tweezers are wide ranging and include: sample handling, microscopy preparation, biological, medical, histology, precision manufacturing, magnetic, cleaning and high temperature applications. Offered are 7 popular styles of tweezers and a set of 5 in foam lined plastic wallet.

EM-Tec 1.TI high precision tweezers, style 1, strong fine tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006010 each
EM-Tec 2A.TI high precision tweezers, style 2A, flat accurate round tips tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006020 each
EM-Tec 3.TI high precision tweezers, style 3, very sharp fine tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006030 each
EM-Tec 3C.TI high precision tweezers, style 3C, short, very sharp fine tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006035 each
EM-Tec 4.TI high precision tweezers, style 4, very fine sharp tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006040 each
EM-Tec 5.TI high precision tweezers, style 5, extra fine straight tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006050 each
EM-Tec 7.TI high precision tweezers, style 7, very fine curved tips, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006070 each
EM-Tec SET.TI high precision tweezers set style 1/2A/3C/5/7 in plastic wallet with hard foam, titanium
Product # Unit
50-006095 set/5
EM-Tec locking ring for EM-Tec high precision tweezers, made from high strength Viton 90
Product # Unit
50-001999 pkg/10
EM-Tec plastic tweezers guards for EM-Tec tweezers
Product # Unit
50-001997 pkg/10

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