EM-Tec Hitachi M4 stub storage boxes

The EM-Tec Hitachi M4 stub storage box and storage tubes are designed for storing samples mounted on the 15mm diameter Hitachi M4 stubs. They can be used for handling, long term storage, archiving and shipping samples. Choice between a single stub storage tube and an 8 stub capacity box with insert:

  • EM-Tec SH1 single stub storage tube is ideal for storing or transporting a single Hitachi M4 stub. Protects the SEM specimen on the 15mm Hitachi stub from cross contamination. Capacity is a single Hitachi M4 stub with 15mm diameter. The stub is screwed on the M4 thread in the brown LDPE cap (base) of the clear polystyrene tub. Suitable for both the 6 and the 10mm high stubs. Maximum specimen height 25-20mm.
  • EM-Tec SH8 clear/blue styrene box with 8 storage positions for Hitachi M4 stubs with 15mm diameter. Made from polystyrene with clear lid and blue base with LDPE insert with threaded posts. Outside dimensions are 116 x 55 x 32mm, 13mm clearance which leaves a maximum sample height of 10mm on the 6mm high Hitachi M4 stubs., The insert can be lifted out of the box to facilitate easy sample loading and rem
EM-Tec SH1 single mount storage & transport tube for 15mm Hitachi M4 stub
Product # Unit
13-094001-10 pkg/10
13-094001-100 pkg/100
EM-Tec SH8 small size clear/blue styrene box for 8 x 15mm Hitachi M4 stubs
Product # Unit
13-094008 each

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