EM-Tec LAMC-15 large area magnification calibration standard

EM-Tec LAMC-15 Standard di calibrazione dell'ingrandimento di grandi aree

The unique EM-Tec LAMC-15 calibration standard has been designed for large area and low magnification calibration. It is constructed using an ultra-flat conductive silicon substrate with bright chromium deposited lines. Ideal for SEM and reflected light microscopy with the following applications:

  • low magnification calibration
  • large area magnification calibration
  • particle analysis measurements
  • GSR measurements
  • microscope stage linearity and reproducibility measurements
  • digital imaging systems

The EM-Tec LAMC-15 is useful in the 5-1000x magnification range. The patterns on this calibration standard are:

  • cross grating of 15x15mm with 0.01mm divisions
  • 15mm grating lines with 0.01mm divisions on opposite ends
  • cross hairs at each 0.1mm interval
  • larger cross hairs at each 1mm interval

The cross hairs allow for easy navigation and for testing the linearity of both low magnification imaging and the backlash on a (motorized) microscope stage. The deposited Cr lines are in the same focus plane as the substrate, are better defined and provide more signal than etched patterns. They are also less prone to accumulate dust particles in the patterns. Each of the calibration standards has a unique product ID serial number etched on the die. Available as unmounted or mounted on popular SEM sample stubs or black metal slide. Use an EM-Tec SEM stub adapter if you wish to use this calibration standard on multiple SEM platforms. The EM-Tec LAMC-15 is a NIST traceable magnification calibration standard. Example of wafer level certificate of traceability which is supplied with each Em-Tec LAMC-15.

EM-Tec LAMC-15 Standard di calibrazione dell'ingrandimento di grandi areeEM-Tec LAMC-15 Large area magnification calibration standard
Product # Unit
31-T33000-U unmounted
31-T33000-3 mounted on 25.4mm pin stub
31-T33000-7 mounted op 25mm JEOL stub
31-T33000-9 mounted on 25mm Hitachi stub
31-T33000-11 mounted on black microscope slide
31-T33000-10 mounted on custom specimen stub

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