EM-Tec ultra-precision tips biology tweezers

The EM-Tec biology tweezers are Swiss made ultra-precision engineered tweezers with: ultra-precision biology tweezers handle profile, serrated grips, smooth edges and a superior satin polished finish. These superior biology tweezers are made from the C-Star Ni-Cr-Mo super alloy. The profile and shape of the EM-Tec high biology tweezers has been optimised for delicate and ultra-high precision tasks in biology, microscopy, medical and micro-engineering fields. These biology tweezers can be continuously used at 600°C and exhibit excellent shape retention, fatigue resistance and extraordinary wear resistance. This super alloy is about six times harder than anti-magnetic stainless steel with the highest hardness at the tips. This strong material exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to salts, acids, solvents, oils and greases. The EM-Tec biology tweezers are fully non-magnetic and can be used in strong magnetic fields or to pick up magnetic samples.
The application fields are (ultra) high precision tasks in: EM sample preparation, microscopy preparation, precision life-science applications and handling of small parts and components. Offered are 4 different styles of tweezers with ultra-fine tips.

EM-Tec 3SG.CX ultra-precision biology tweezers, style 3, serrated grips, strong very fine tips, fully non-magnetic
Product # Unit
50-003030 each
EM-Tec 4SG.CX ultra-precision biology tweezers, style 4, serrated grips, very sharp fine tips, fully non-magnetic
Product # Unit
50-003040 each
EM-Tec 5SG.CX ultra-precision biology tweezers, style 5, serrated grips, extremely sharp fine tips, fully non-magnetic
Product # Unit
50-003050 each
EM-Tec 7SG.CX ultra-precision biology tweezers, style 7, serrated grips, very fine curved tips, fully non-magnetic
Product # Unit
50-003070 each

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