EPMA a emissione di campo per analisi quantitativa ad alta risoluzione e mappatura a raggi X.
Field Emission EPMA for High Resolution Quantitative Analysis and X-Ray Mapping

The SXFiveFE is CAMECA’s fifth generation electron probe microanalyzer offering the unique combination of a field emission electron column with industry-leading high-sensitivity spectrometers. It enables high accuracy quantitative chemical microanalysis and x-ray mapping at the highest possible spatial resolution in mineralogy, geochronology, metallurgy and material sciences.

Optimized Field Emission electron column
The SXFiveFE is equipped with a Field Emission (FE) electron source (Schottky emitter). The electron column has been optimized to achieve small beam diameters with high beam currents even at low accelerating voltages thus enabling X-ray mapping and quantitative analysis at extremely high spatial resolution. The beam intensity is accurately measured with an annular Faraday cup and is continuously regulated, achieving a stability of 0.5% per hour, thus enabling reliable quantitative analyses. The high voltage system operates at up to 30 keV for elements with high atomic number.

The finest Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers (WDS)
Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry is acknowledged as the method of choice for high precision quantitative analysis. Up to 5 WDS spectrometers, plus one energy dispersive spectrometer EDS, may be fitted to the SXFiveFE microprobe. Optical encoders ensure the accurate positioning of the spectrometers which can be mounted vertically for flat and polished specimens or may be inclined for rough specimens. High sensitivity crystals allow a nearly three-fold increase in count rate while maintaining peak to background ratio and spectral resolution, and keeping the full spectrometer analysis range, making the SXFive and SXFiveFE instruments of choice for the analysis of trace and light elements.

Optimized vacuum
The SXFiveFE is evacuated with a turbomolecular pump backed with a dry rough pump to ensure a clean vacuum environment. The column is pumped with two ion getter pumps to achieve UHV conditions in the Field Emission source volume. All valves are pneumatically activated and all vacuum sequences are controlled with a new processor for increased reliability.

Fully integrated optical microscope for easy sample navigation
Using a digital CCD camera, opaque specimens are viewed in reflected light while thin sections are imaged in transmitted light. The Field Of View of the optical image is continuously variable from 250 to 1700 µm thanks to a motorized lens, and an autofocus system guarantees that the specimen surface returns to the correctly focused position at any time.

Dedicated automation and analysis software package
The SXFiveFE is equipped with the latest imaging X-ray acquisition, PC automation under the latest Windows version and user interface technology. Automation has been enhanced for maximum efficiency and unattended analysis.

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