La microelica elettronica che porta l'EPMA a portata di mano
The Electron Microprobe that brings EPMA to your fingertips

Since pioneering Electron Probe MicroAnalysis in the 1950’s CAMECA has released several generations of microprobes, all with a proven valuable track record for analytical performance and reliability. The new SXFive-TACTIS builds on this legacy to deliver enhanced imaging and quantitative analysis performance in a user-friendly environment.

A dual beginner / expert interface – ideal for multi-user facilities
The SXFive-TACTIS dual interface has been specifically designed for multi-user facilities to take full advantage of a single tool. In beginner mode, the instrument configuration, operation as well as basic imaging and data processing are made easy thanks tp an intuitive touchscreen interface. In expert mode, the interface is designed for skilled users who can benefit from a full compliment of different tool parameters and software options.

Enhanced BSE imaging, especially at low voltage
SXFive-TACTIS is equipped with an additional BSE detector allowing superior image quality, especially at ultra low voltage (spatial resolution 15 nm or better at 5 kV). This new BSE Low kV detector will enable you to quickly and more accurately identify the area of interest in your sample, and thus take full advantage of the tool’s robust FE-EPMA performance, achieving better detection of trace elements.

Integrated EDS hypermapping
SXFive-TACTIS comes with a fully integrated Electron Dispersive Spectrometer hypermapping module making data processing and analysis faster and easier. Using the new EDS HyperMap module, you can collect the full EDS spectrum for each pixel and extract quantitative results simultaneously.

EPMA at your fingertips
With its unique, innovative touchscreen interface and many other productivity and ease-of-use enhancements, SXFive-TACTIS brings EPMA to your fingertips while not compromising on analytical performance, resolution or sensitivity.

  • “X Live” feature allowing the acquisition of real-time WDS and EDS X-ray images in one click, producing a rapid yet meaningful overview of the specimen composition, either in composite or superposed mode
  • full remote control, including SEM imaging, allowing users to run experiments from their smart phone, tablet, or remote computer.
  • ShuttleXpress, a new, ergonomic controller for comfortable and efficient workflow
  • A redesigned, comprehensive online help for easy access and continuous support during tool set-up and analyses.

SXFive-TACTIS is available in two instrument configurations: versatile W/LaB6 source or FE source.

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