Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope is the first fast, 3D, two-photon microscope on the market. The microscope is capable of scanning neuronal, dendritic, and other neuropil activities about one million faster as compared to previous realizations within a large (about cubic millimeter) scanning volume with preserved two-photon resolution.

The microscope, using electrically tunable crystals, can focus the excitation point with up to 53 kHz speed to any 3D location under the objective without mechanical restrictions reaching sub-millisecond temporal resolution in a millimeter z-dimension scanning range.

„3D AO imaging will open new horizons in the field of neuroscience”


Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope combines an intoxicating blend of high-tech science, engineering, refinement in 3D measurements, and technology. Our team developed and published the first 3D AO microscope in the world in 2003. During the more than ten year period we have spent in the field of 3D microscope development we realized and patented many revolutionary new technical solutions to provide users with a 3D system that has incredibly good parameters (such as large scanning volume, high speed, and preserved good spatial resolution) for an affordable price.


In the past ten-year period we have developed and patented many new technologies to provide our customers with the best 3D microscope in the world. Among other features, our microscopes now have:

  • optimal arrangement of optical elements based on diffraction-based modeling (over 10× more effective 3D scan head)
  • optimized angular dispersion compensation
  • functionally separated arrangement of AO deflectors for the highest performance
  • dynamic optical error compensation
  • optimized deflector driver signals, deflector geometry, manufacturing, bandwidth and crystal orientation
  • new AO deflector technology for longer wavelengths (for GECIs)
  • minimized optical path length to maximize detection (travelling detector system) with ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs (>40% quantum efficiency)
  • integrated measurement control and analysis software
  • 4× more effective radio-frequency drives


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