Gatan 3View sample pin stubs, tweezers and storage box

Gatan 3View system SEM pin stubs

The Gatan3View systems use special sample pins. These are used inside SEMs to create 3D imaging data of samples by serial slicing and BSD imaging. The sample pins are offered with two sample areas:

  • standard Ø1.4mm flat as sample area
  • larger Ø2.4mm flat as sample area.

These pins are fully compatible with the Gatan 3View systems; Ø2mm pin, Ø3mm head with cone top and total height of 12.5mm. Manufactured from vacuum grade aluminium.

We can manufacture custom sample stubs or might be able to suggest a solution with alternative sample stubs.

Gatan 3View pin stub handling tweezer

The EM-Tec 521.AM Gatan 3View stub handling tweezer are especially designed for handling the Ø2mm thin pin of the 3View system stubs used in the Gatan 3View system. They are designed as side grippers for easy gripping and holding the Ø2mm pin to facilitate handling and storing the 3View stubs. Length of these precision tweezers is 118mm.
Features of the high quality, Swiss made EM-Tec 521.AM Gatan 3View stub handling tweezers are:

  • polished edges for good contact
  • matte anti-glare finish
  • side grippers
  • serrated handles for extra grip
  • low carbon anti-magnetic stainless steel
  • optimized for Ø2mm pin of the Gatan 3View sample stubs

EM-Tec PS28 storage box for Gatan 3View pins stubs

The EM-Tec PS28 Gatan 3View pins stubs storage box has been developed to store 28 of the Gatan 3view pin stubs. Made from clear polystyrene with two hinges and snap-lock. Pin are held by a custom high density closed cell NBR foam with holes. The high density closed cell foam doesn’t crumble and is elestic enough to allow repetitive loading and retrieving of the pins. Outside dimensions are 120 x 84 x 36 mm.

Gatan 3View system SEM pin stubs with standard Ø1.4mm flat, Ø2mm pin x12.5mm H, aluminium
Product # Unit
10-006003-10 pkg/10
10-006003-50 pkg/50
Gatan 3View system SEM pin stubs with large Ø2.4mm flat, Ø2mm pin x12.5mm H, aluminium
Product # Unit
10-006002-10 pkg/10
10-006002-50 pkg/50
EM-Tec 521.AM Gatan 3View stub handling tweezers, 118mm, anti-magnetic stainless steel
Product # Unit
50-001521 each
EM-Tec PS28 storage box for 28 Gatan 3View pin stubs
Product # Unit
13-090328 each

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