Green PET polyester mylar tapes

The single sided green PET lab tape consists of a polyester (mylar) film with a silicone adhesive. It is also known as anodizing or powder coating masking tape. The tape is self wound without a liner. Advantages of the green PET lab tape are:

  • low adhesive tranfer
  • leaves clean surfaces after removal
  • low outgassing under vacuum
  • excellent masking properties
  • can be easily removed
  • suitable for temporary or transfer applications

If used as temporary tape or transfer tape, only apply minimal pressure. The green PET lab tape is an economical alternative for Kapton tape in less demanding applications and when temperatures are lower than 200°C. With the thicker film and the lower adhesion properties of the silicone based adhesive, the tape is easy to remove and leaves clean surfaces.


  • masking for vacuum deposition
  • masking for powder coating and anodising
  • holding samples or parts in high vacuum
  • positioning tape
  • general laboratory tape
  • transfer tape
  • temporary sealing tape.

Available in widths from 6 to 50mm with a length of 20m. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 6mm x 33m
Product # Unit
71-000306 each
Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 10mm x 33m
Product # Unit
Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 15mm x 33m
Product # Unit
Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 20mm x 33m
Product # Unit
Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 25mm x 33m
Product # Unit
Green Mylar PET polyester lab tape 50mm x 33m
Product # Unit

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