Laboratory Handheld Engraving Tool & Engraving Pen

DM11 Electric Engraving Tool

With this electric engraver tool you can easily engrave numbers and markings in a wide variety of materials – from metal to plastic to glass, ceramics and wood. It is a precise and powerful 6000 stroke/minute engraver to engrave permanent identification or reference points on samples, sample holders, tools etc. Ideally suited for engraving embedded metallographic samples. Features of the DM11 electric engraver are:

  • Includes replaceable tungsten carbide engraving tip
  • Compact, lightweigth design with comfortable grip
  • 5-position stroke depth adjustment
  • Includes letter / number / symbol templates

SL20 Micro Engraving Pen

The SL20 micro engraving pen enables quick engraving in metal, glass, ceramics and plastics. This battery driven pen style rotary engraving tool includes a diamond coated engraving tip. Ideally suited to engrave subtle identification markings and reference points to samples, sample holders, microscope slides, tweezers, tools etc. This lightweight tool is perfect for field use and other places where mains power is not available. Features of this battery driven engraving pen are:

  • Includes replaceable diamond coated engraving tip
  • Comfortable pen style design
  • High speed rotary engraving
  • Runs on 2 x AA batteries (included)
  • Up to 20 hours engraving with fully charged batteries
DM11 electric engraving tool, 230V / 50Hz
Product # Unit
52-007011 each
SL20 micro rotary engraving pen, incl 2x AA batteries
Product # Unit
52-007020 each

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