LEXES – EX 300

Soluzione metrologica compositiva per semiconduttori front-end per nodo 22nm e oltre
Front-end semiconductor compositional metrology solution for 22nm node and beyond.

CAMECA’s EX-300 is a unique LEXES based metrology tool supporting major semiconductor developments since the 90nm node era and following up the integration of the most diverse materials. It accelerates the time-to-market of your logic and memory devices and increases the integrated yield of your high volume production.

The EX-300 benefits from over a decade of experience with LEXES technology in the semiconductor industry: dozens of LEXFAB-300 Shallow Probes have been installed at the top-ten semiconductor fabrication facilities worldwide. The EX-300 is targeted for new challenging applications such as SiGe and HKMG, and it is designed to accelerate the time to market of advanced logic & memory devices while achieving high production yield.

The tool of choice for front-end process issues at 32nm node and beyond
Based on the non-contact, non-destructive LEXES technique – a unique solution for direct measurement of the chemical composition at the surface and near surface – the EX-300 offers a panel of complementary capabilities enlarging the domains of classical metrology to current challenging processes:

  • Ultra shallow implants: Monitoring of low energy, high concentration implants
  • Strained silicon process control: Chemical composition and thickness in epitaxial layers such as B:SiGe and P:SiC, with no limitation in the layer composition
  • HKMG metrology: Both the oxides and the metal are controled by one single EX-300 platform

CAMECA’s EX-300 delivers enhanced long-term stability with excellent vacuum limit. The below graph shows reproducibility over several months for an average As dose of 1.97e15 at/cm2 with a global RSD (1σ) of 0.622%.

Advanced and robust pattern analysis
The EX-300 has been specifically designed to perform metrology of challenging patterned wafers down to 30×30µm pads.
Higher brightness is achieved with the new LaB6 gun, thus ensuring denser small probe. Improved light source and optics and a new digital camera with zooming capabilities enable smooth visual navigation while the new electrostatic chuck secures wafer clamping.

Optimized design and easy tool control for high uptime
The EX-300 delivers 5 to 20% throughput improvements compared to the previous Shallow Probe LEXFAB-300 model (depending on application). Improved ergonomics allow rapid maintenance and thus optimized MTTR. The fully integrated LEXES-Pilot software provides a user-friendly interface as well as reliable factory automation.

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