The LVEM25 is a fast, compact and powerful transmission electron microscope engineered to seamlessly blend a compact form factor with uncompromised capabilities. This microscope combines the unique LVEM technical features with stronger electron beam penetration and is thus able to image conventionally prepared samples.

The LVEM25 is compact enough to be installed in any sized lab and is easy enough to operate that anybody can be trained to operate it. With the highest image resolution of our LVEM microscopes, multiple imaging modes and a compact design, it’s no wonder that the LVEM25 is already a trusted instrument in the fields of pathology, virology and drug delivery.

The LVEM25 offers a high-contrast, high-throughput, compact imaging solution with nanometer resolutions that has all the benefits of low voltage microscopy with no limitations. The LVEM25 is a powerful 3-in-1 electron microscope with unique investigative capabilities that include transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and even electron diffraction (ED). Its multimodal imaging capabilities combined with the ability to switch between imaging modes without moving the sample or re-alignment of the column make the LVEM25 a truly comprehensive imaging tool.

The three operating modes of the LVEM25 are:

  1. TEM: The 25kV TEM mode is standard on all LVEM25 microscopes and it allows to acquire live and digital images with high acquisition frequency through a high sensitivity and low noise 5.5MP camera (CMOS) for the imaging of thin samples.
  2. STEM: the 10kV and 15kV STEM mode allows to analyze samples at even lower tensions, increasing the contrast and working with thicker samples.
  3. DE: the electronic diffraction is included in every system and allows the structural characterization of crystalline materials.

The switch between modes can be easily done through the operative software, making it possible to quickly acquire images in the region of interest both in TEM, STEM and DE mode.

  • Powerful transmission electron microscope.
  • The LVEM 25 combines transmission TEM and STEM modes.
  • It operates with low accelerating voltage (25 kV) which brings enhanced contrast on light elements.
  • Resolving power down to 1 nm.
  • Biological and soft matter applications.
  • High contrast.
  • Imaging possible both with and without staining.
  • Easy to control.
  • Small installation space.
  • The LVEM 25 can be installed in an ordinary lab without any need for a dark room or cooling water. It can be supplied even as a mobile work-station.
  • Specimen tilt holder availability.

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