The LVEM5 is the uniquely designed benchtop low voltage electron microscope that is small enough to fit anywhere nanoscale imaging is needed. A remarkable imaging tool equipped with TEM, SEM and STEM modes and designed to produce detailed and meaningful image results with unmatched contrast of biologic and soft material samples. The LVEM5 is a benefit to any lab working, researching or studying nano materials.

The LVEM5 is easy to learn, operate and maintain, and has a price that is just a fraction of the cost of a conventional transmission electron microscope. It is a versatile and capable instrument well-suited for any classroom or research lab. The LVEM5 brings nanoscale to your benchtop.

The LVEM5 provides unmatched versatility by integrating 4 imaging modes into one very capable yet benchtop sized microscope. Depending on system configuration the LVEM5 can alternate between operating as a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) and can even provide Electron Diffraction (ED) data without ever having to re-align the column or adjust the sample. This allows both surface and transmission images of the sample to be captured from the same area of interest. The ability of a single instrument to undertake multiple imaging modes can’t be understated, and it is quickly becoming the indispensable tool of choice for many research labs.

  1. TEM: LVEM5 microscopes can be equipped with a CCD or CMOS Scientific camera for the imaging of nanoparticles and thin cross sections through the transmission electronic microscope.
  2. SEM: a backscattered electrons (BSE) detector offers a stereoscopic vision of the sample. With a single click it is easy to enter the SEM mode and get topographic information in the area of interest.
  3. STEM: scanning transmission electron microscopy is made possible through a STEM detector. This operating mode allows to get transmission images in the case of dense materials.
  4. DE: the electronic diffraction allows to structurally characterize crystalline materials.
  • Power transmission electron microscope.
  • LVEM 5 combines transmission (TEM, STEM) and scanning (SEM) and electronic diffraction (SAED) modes.
  • It works with a low acceleration voltage (5 kV) which offers a high contrast on the lighting elements.
  • Resolution power up to 2 nm.
  • Applications of biological and soft material.
  • High contrast without coloring.
  • The low acceleration voltage allows a very small optical column.
  • LVEM 5 can be installed on a normal desk – reduced installation space is required.
  • It requires neither a dark room nor cooling water.
  • Availability of the sample tilt support.


  • Two-stage projector lens.
  • Magnification range extended up to 700,000 times.
  • Resolution power up to 1.2 nm.
  • Availability of the sample tilt support.

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