MORADA G3 – TEM Camera

The 16 megapixel TEM CCD camera MORADA G3 is the reinvention of the first commercially available high megapixel TEM CCD camera. It offers the best value solution for all TEM image acquisition applications which require an extremely large field of view combined with highest resolution, high frame rates and excellent contrast.

The MORADA G3 provides up to 4872 x 3248 pixels, resulting in the largest field of view currently available for the side mount (35mm) port. The well adapted pixel size ensures best resolution and hence perfectly resolved images in low and mid range magnifications. The MORADA G3 camera system with its high precision, rigid, patented mechanics uses a custom made lens, ensuring minimum distortion and extremely high light transmission efficiency.

The scintillators used, optimized for the respective high tension of the specific TEM, deliver a perfect signal–to–noise ratio, resulting in an outstanding image with optimal resolution and high sensitivity.

The smart and newly designed electronics of the MORADA G3 provide a large range of exposure times. Its low power consumption renders additional water cooling redundant.

This combination of advanced CCD technology and sophisticated electronics enables high speed performance. A fast viewing (high speed) mode allows the user to find specimen areas of interest quickly and efficiently, and to simultaneously zoom into interesting details without any delay. Thanks to these high frame rates, operations such as microscopy alignments and focusing are performed with high precision using the camera display instead of the TEM viewing screen.

The MORADA G3 is a high speed digital imaging solution delivering outstanding quality and leaving absolutely no questions open for the demanding Life Sciences TEM user.

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