Le serie SDD Octane di EDAX per TEM sono microanalisi SDD MIcroscopi elettronici a Trasmissione (TEM) completamente integrate, microscopio elettronico a trasmissione (TEM)

EDAX’s Octane SDD Series for the TEM are the world’s first SDDs for the TEM that are fully integrated. Data acquisition and signal processing electronics are fully integrated into the detector. The integrated detector presents an elegant design that improves performance, facilitates installation and offers easy remote access via Ethernet from virtually any computer.

EDAX’s TEAM™ EDS system featuring the Octane Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Series for the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) provides the ultimate analytical solution for TEM applications. The series includes:

  • The Octane T Plus: a cost-effective entry-level SDD with a Super Ultra Thin Window (SUTW).
  • The Octane T Optima: based on a column-specific design providing a windowless detector with solid angles up to 0.5 sr.
  • The Octane T Ultra: the ultimate in analytical TEM performance with solid angles up to 1.1 sr.

EDAX was the first microanalysis company to introduce a windowless SDD. This design provides optimum light element performance with complete transmission of low energy X-rays. When compared to a SUTW detector, the light element sensitivity is improved up to 500% and the count rate is increased by 30% for heavy elements. As a result, the mapping speed and light element detection in low concentrations are greatly enhanced with the windowless design.

Features and benefits

  • All electronics are built into the detector to facilitate remote access, installation, service, and calibration
  • Automated calibration algorithm for fast, repeatable, and accurate setup. Calibration data resides in the detector, eliminating the need to recalibrate when accessing remotely
  • Compact detector system provides flexibility for each TEM installation
  • 30 – 100 mm2 SDD chip technology optimized for solid angle
  • SUTW and windowless detectors are offered for superior light element performance with resolutions typically better than 59 eV for Carbon
  • Typical 129 eV resolution for Manganese
  • Resolution stability of < 1 eV up to 100 kcps
  • Peak shift of < 1 eV up to 250 kcps
  • Available amp times from 120 ns to 7.68 μs for optimal collection
  • Fast Ethernet communication
  • Motorized slide automatically retracts in response to excessive backscatter electrons
  • TEM quantification algorithm for thin materials is available in TEAM™ EDS Analysis System

TEAM™ EDS Analysis System is built with a modern interface equipped with Smart Features that are automated to simplify analysis and provide quick results. Regardless of the skill of the operator, consistent and accurate results are achieved effectively and efficiently every time. The TEAM™ EDS software automatically determines the elements in your sample, monitors the count rate and magnification, collection time, as well as numerous other parameters used for optimum system performance. Interactive review allows users to preview the results in a unique way before the completion of analysis.

The Octane SDD Series for TEM offers fully integrated data acquisition and signal processing electronics. Coupled with TEAM™ Smart Features, the system is the most intuitive and easy to use analytical tool available for the TEM

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