Old SEMs Electronics’ Upgrade

Electronics upgrade of your old SEM, new computer, new operating system, new software, new digital controller.

Why upgrading an SEM?

  • If you need to acquire high resolution images, together with the original SEM electronic capability
  • If you need to simultaneously acquire SE, BSE, CL, STEM
  • If you need automatic functions such as focus, brightness and contrast, stage, gun control, vacuum control, etc.
  • If you need to connect your SEM to your network, but the SEM PC is old and non-compatible or not supported
  • If you need to use you SEM from remote but the SEM software doesn’t allow the sharing of the video
  • If you need further automated systems for the acquisition of large area images or the recording of videos

The cost of the SEM upgrade is much less than that of a new scanning electronic microscope, and the technical support can be tailored for each SEM model.

With this upgrade you can extend the lifetime of your SEM, with minimum stop time, and the service costs are much reduced after the upgrade.

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