Oxford EDS Ultim Max for SEM

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AZtecLive is a revolutionary new approach to EDS analysis that enables a radical change in the way users perform sample investigation in the SEM. It combines a live electron image with live X-ray chemical imaging to give an intuitive new way of interacting with your samples.

AZtecLive is powered by Ultim Max, the next generation Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) combining the largest sensor sizes with Extreme electronics to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

Live imaging and X-ray mapping

  • Video rate electron and chemical imaging in realtime – no going back and forth between the microscope and EDS software
  • Automatically transition between responsive live imaging when navigating – and high quality imaging if something of interest is seen

Live trace

  • Automatically record where you‘ve been and what elements have been detected – never lose a feature of interest
  • View where elements are and their relative concentration – quickly find element ‘hot spots’
  • Relocate to any point on the trace – quickly carry out more detailed investigation

A completely new way of investigating your sample

  • Increase productivity: you’ll analyse more samples in the same time
  • Increase confidence and certainty: you’ll see chemical data even when the stage is moving
  • You‘ll find what you’re looking for – but also won’t miss anything of interest

Live element identification

  • Powered by unique Tru-Q® spectrum processing – identify elements correctly and instantly
  • Pulse pile-up correction of sum spectrum using unique phase clustering algorithm – will remove any high count rate artifacts

Ultim Max combines the largest SDD sensors, with unique Extreme electronics

  • 40-170mm2 sensor areas – for higher count rates under any conditions
  • Lowest noise X-ray detection – for the best quality spectra delivering accurate results
  • Quantitative analysis at >400,000cps – outstanding accuracy in a fraction of the time
  • Mapping at >1,000,000cps – providing more capability than any other detector range

Size really matters – Compared to a 10mm2 detector, a 170mm2 will:

  • See the data 17x faster or map 17x more of your sample (under the same conditions)
  • Reduce beam current by 94% – to minimise beam damage
  • Minimise sample contamination

AZtecLive provides the power for more detailed analysis

  • TruMap – eliminate peak overlaps
  • Highlight real chemical variation – remove false contrast due to X-ray background
  • Combined with UltimMax sensitivity – you’ll map lower concentrations more accurately

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