Polyimide (Kapton) tapes

Single sided polyimide (Kapton) tapes

The single sided polyimide tapes consist of a polyimide (Kapton) film with a silicon adhesive. The tape is self-wound without a liner. Advantages of the polyimide (Kapton) tapes are:

  • wide temperature range use
  • heat resistant
  • good adhesion properties on difficult surfaces
  • low adhesive transfer
  • leaves cleaner surfaces after removal
  • low outgassing under vacuum
  • high strenght provides superior resistance to puncture
  • resistance to chemical attack

If used as temporary tape or transfer tape, only apply minimum pressure. The polyimide (Kapton) tapes exhibit low outgassing properties and are ideal tapes for high vacuum aplications. Excellent performance for electrical and thermal insulation with high dielectric strength. Although the use temperature range is specified as -75 to +260°C, polyimide (Kapton) tapes has been successfully used in the temperature range of -196 to +400°C.
Applications are wide ranging for this tape:

  • masking on printed circuit boards during soldering
  • masking for vacuum deposition (sputtering, thermal evaporation, e-beam, PVD)
  • holding samples or parts in high vacuum
  • positioning tape for cryo applications
  • electrical insulation on transformers, coil and electro motors.

The standard polyimide (Kapton ) tape has a thickness of 0.06 mm. For application where higher strength is required the polyimde tape is offered in 0.08 mm and 0.12 mm thickness.
Available in widths from 3 to 50mm with a length of 33m. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Single sided polyimide (Kapton) tape, standard 0.06mm thickness, 33m long
Product # Unit
71-000103 3mm x 33m
71-000106 6mm x 33m
71-000110 10mm x 33m
71-000112 12mm x 33m
71-000120 20mm x 33m
71-000125 25mm x 33m
71-000150 50mm x 33m
Single sided polyimide (Kapton) tape, 0.08mm thickness, 33m Long
Product # Unit
71-004103 3mm x 33m
71-004106 6mm x 33m
71-004112 12mm x 33m
71-004125 25mm x 33m
71-004150 50mm x 33m
Single sided polyimide (Kapton) tape, 0.12mm thickness, 33m long
Product # Unit
71-007103 3mm x 33m
71-007106 6mm x 33m
71-007112 12mm x 33m
71-007125 25mm x 33m
71-007150 50mm x 33m

Double sided polyimide heat resistant tapes

The double sided polyimide tape consists of a polyimide film with silicon adhesive on both sides. The tape is wound between two polyester liners. The two liners make clean handling of the tape easy: cut to required length, unwind the tape from the first liner and leave on the second liner. Apply tape and remove second liner. Tape material and adhesive is the same as for the single sided polyimide (Kapton) tapes.
Available in widths of 5 to 50mm with a tape length of 20m. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Double sided polyimide (Kapton) tape, double liner, 20m long
Product # Unit
71-000205 5mm x 20m
71-000210 10mm x 20m
71-000220 12mm x 20m
71-000212 20mm x 20m
71-000225 25mm x 20m
71-000250 50mm x 20m

Low static single sided polyimide (Kapton) tape

The low static single sided Polyimide (Kapton) has been designed for use in ESD sensitive applications. Unwinding conventional Polyimide tapes can generate static electricity.  The self wound low static polyimide (Kapton) tape comprises similar specifications as the single sided Polyimide tape combined with extremely low electrostatic discharge properties. The tape has been threated to greatly reduce electrostatic discharge. Available in widths of 5 to 50mm with a tape length of 33m. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Low static single sided polyimide (Kapton) tape, 0.06mm thickness x 33m long
Product # Unit
71-009103 3mm x 33m
71-009106 6mm x 33m
71-009112 12mm x 33m
71-009125 25mm x 33m
71-009150 50mm x 33m

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