Vacuum Oil for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Olio per pompe per vuoto

High quality vacuum oils for standard rotary vane vacuum pumps improve the performance of the rotary vacuum pumps used on scanning and transmission electron microscopes, sputter coating systems, vacuum ovens, glow discharge and other vacuum systems. The original brand vacuum pump oils offered are intended for standard rotary vacuum pump applications. Unlimited shelf life when stored in unopened containers in a cool, dark place.
It is advised to change the vacuum oil once a year or sooner if the colour of the vacuum oil changes from clear to dark yellow/light brown. The choice of vacuum pump oils for rotary vacuum pumps include:

  • Edwards Ultragrade 19 vacuum pump oil for single and dual stage rotary pumps made by Edwards, Agilent, Adixen, Alcatel, Varian, Leybold, Oerlikon, Sargent-Welch, Ulvac, Ilmvac, Hitachi and other brands. High quality vacuum oil for standard vacuum applications.
  • Pfeiffer P3 vacuum pump oil for the Pfeiffer UNO and DUO series rotary vacuum pumps. The Pfeiffer P3 vacuum fluid has the correct viscosity, sealing and lubrication properties for the Pfeiffer rotary pumps. The Pfeiffer P3 vacuum oil is recommended for the DUO 2.5 and DUO 3 rotary pumps supplied with the Cressington desk top coating systems. Pfeiifer P3 vacuum oil is also compatible with many other brands of rotary vacuum pumps.
Pfeiffer P3 vacuum pump oil for Pfeiffer UNO and DUO rotary vacuum pumps and vacuum systems for Cressington SEM coaters
Product # Unit
64-001103-11 ltr
Olio per pompe per vuotoEdwards Ultragrade 19 vacuum pump oil for standard applications in single and dual stage rotary vacuum pumps
Product # Unit
64-001101-1 1 ltr
64-001101-4 4 ltr

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