Value-Tec TEM support grids

The cost-efficient Value-Tec electron microscopy support grids are intended for educational, non-criticaland high use applications. These high quality TEM grids are manufactured with the same high production standards as the EM-Tec TEM support grids. However, instead of individual inspection, they are sample inspected per production batch which results in significantly lower costs.  Perfect for general type applications. Available in copper and nickel with the popular square mesh sizes from 50 to 400. All Value-Tec TEM grids have a centre mark. Packaged as 120 grids per vial which is 20% more than the standard TEM grid packaging.

Value-Tec TEM support grids 50 Mesh Copper and Nickel, 425 μm hole, 83 μm bar
Product # Unit
21-1MV005 Copper, vial/120
21-2MV005 Nickel, vial/120
Value-Tec TEM support grids 100 Mesh Copper and Nickel, 204 μm hole, 50 μm bar
Product # Unit
21-1MV010 Copper, vial/120
21-2MV010 Nickel, vial/120
Value-Tec TEM support grids 200 Mesh Copper and Nickel, 90 μm hole, 37 μm bar
Product # Unit
21-1MV020 Copper, vial/120
21-2MV020 Nickel, vial/120
Value-Tec TEM support grids 300 Mesh Copper and Nickel, 54 μm hole, 31 μm bar
Product # Unit
21-1MV030 Copper, vial/120
21-2MV030 Nickel, vial/120
Value-Tec TEM support grids 400 Mesh Copper and Nickel, 38 μm hole, 26 μm bar
Product # Unit
21-1MV040 Copper, vial/120
21-2MV040 Nickel, vial/120

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