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The Specialized Ion Microprobe for World-leading Research in Geochronology

In order to meet a growing demand from geochronologists, CAMECA has introduced KLEORA, a large geometry SIMS instrument fully optimized for advanced U-Th-Pb mineral dating.

Based on the new generation ultra-high sensitivity large geometry IMS 1300-HR³ ion microprobe, KLEORA provides benchmark sensitivity for in-situ U-Th-Pb isotopic analyses in a high throughput, easy-to-use platform.

KLEORA: the advanced solution for U-Pb dating
KLEORA benefits from the breakthrough instrumental advances of the IMS 1300-HR³, uniquely combining High Reproducibility with High spatial Resolution and High mass Resolution. Covering the entire range of U-Pb geochronological applications, from precise age determination of zircon to dating of other U-rich minerals such as rutile or baddeleyite, KLEORA is perfectly taylored to the needs of geochronologists.

Standard configurationIMS 1300-HR3KLEORA
RF-Plasma O source  New
Cs microbeam source
Auto-Z motion  New
Auto storage chamber  New
High resolution UV- light microscope  New
Oxygen flooding
Normal-incidence Electron Gun
Multicollector system
NMR control
Geochronology software

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