EM-Tec versatile vise clamp sample holders

The EM-Tec S-Clip sample holders all comprise one or more springloaded sample clips (S-Clips) either on an SEM sample stub or a SEM sample holder. The springloaded S-clips are specifically designed to hold thin specimens up to 2mm on a holder. Optional stand-off pillars are available to accomodate thicker samples. Small washers can also be used to increase the clamping height. The S-clip are mounted with a small M2 screw which allows the S-clip to rotate. The S-Clips are made from conductive spring grade copper alloy; samples are clamped securely without the need for conductive adhesives or conductive pastes. Sample changing is quick, easy and clean; contamination issues due to adhesives or glues are eliminated. They are ideal to hold Si chips and other thin samples.

The EM-Tec versatile vise clamp holders are large vise clamp sample holders with positionable vise clamp plates. These sample holders can accommodate large and heavy samples or even multiple samples. They are designed for SEMs with large sample stages which can cope with larger and or heavier samples.

The EM-Tec versatile vise clamp holders consist of a vise plate with two parallel rows of holes to position the vise clamp plates.  The positionable vise clamp plates can be mounted on the baseplate in 10mm intervals for optimum sample size compatibility. Made from vacuum grade aluminium with brass mounting screws and steel clamping screws. The sample can be adequately held using the clamping screws; two sets of 3 with 10mm and 16mm length are provided with each vise clamp plate. 

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